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Flexible Mileage Tracking at its best!

Introducing Miles2Go 1.1

Miles2Go is a mileage and fuel consumption tracker. Why keep an old paper log book when you can use a state of the art iPhone app. We designed Miles2Go to be easy to use, with features that leverage the power of the iPhone/iPod Touch platform. Now tracking your reimbursable miles, mileage for tax purposes or just keeping an eye on your fuel mileage is now a joy.

PLEASE NOTE: Miles2Go is a free download only as a lite version. If you wish to use all the features, you must complete an In App purchase. We think this is a better solution than a separate lite version and you will not lose any data when you want to upgrade to the full version. 

Miles2Go Features

  • Easy mileage entry by odometer wheel or keypad
  • Track multiple vehicles (only 1 in lite version)
  • Track trips and fuel purchases (15 of each in lite version)
  • Tracks multiple gas stations (5 in lite version)
  • Fuel Consumption with costs
  • Multiple categories with pricing for reports and business expenses (6 in lite version)
  • Integrated searching of Trips/Fuel by Vehicle, Category, Vendor, Notes and Date
  • Attach a picture to vehicles and vendors.
  • GPS enabled for iPhone
  • GPS coordinates for trips and vendors
  • Map view of trips
  • Built-in reporting
  • Shake iPhone to undo/redo changes
  • FREE desktop app (with full version)
  • Wireless syncing with desktop app
  • Email data

Statistics and Reports

Vehicle reports contain: Total Gallons, Average Price per Gallon, Total Purchase, Average MPG (KPG), Average Cost/Mile(Kilometer) and cost based on each categories price.

Vendor reports contain: Latest Price, Average Price, Minimum Price, Maximum Price and Total Purchase.

GPS and Map integration

Track trips by GPS start and stop positions
Track vendor locations by GPS position
Automatically set vendor based on current GPS location
Display trips on a Map view
Integrated with Apple’s Map App

Desktop App

What makes Miles2Go different is the cross-platform desktop application which wirelessly syncs data with the iPhone or iPod Touch. Enter data on your iMac and quickly transfer the data to your iPhone. The desktop app was created to be the repository of all your mileage data. Imagine having years of mileage data at your fingertips, searchable by any field in the database.

Users of the Miles2Go iPhone app are entitled to a free license for the desktop app. If for some reason you don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can purchase the desktop app for stand-only use for $5.00 (USD).

International Support

Currently Miles2Go only features a US English version, but international locations are supported. Dates, Miles/Kilometers, Gallons/Liters and Numerical values will be displayed based on your iPhones current international settings.